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The 21st East Anglian Bluegrass Festival 

Many thanks to all those who helped make this year's Festival such a success. If you enjoyed the weekend please write us a review.


Here's your Photo Gallery 2017.

The dates for next year are confirmed as 15th to 18th June 2018. For details, check back regularly or join our mailing list.

Bella Voce
Vanguards mono
Vanguards 1
Sunday 2
Vanguards 2
Sunday 1
Sibs 4
Sibs 3
Sibs 2
Sibs 1
Sat nite 11
Sat nite 12
Sat nite 9
Sat nite 10
Sat nite 8
Sat nite 7
Sat nite 6
Sat nite 3
Sat nite 5
Sat nite 4
Sat nite 2
Sat nite 1
OGD mono
OGD tree pick
OGD hot hot hot
notice board
New Essex 2
New Essex 1
mando workshop b
ice cream moment
Mando workshop a
Kevin & Joe
Chris with bike
Guitar workshop
Chris & Kevin
Buffalo Girls
Banjo workshop